Client Reviews

Provided great help and advice

Paul helped me with a mediation involving a dispute with a contractor who, according to my estimation, overcharged me by over $100K. Paul drew up a mediation brief that provided a compelling case for a refund from the contractor. He also advised me when the contractor threatened to sue me for libel regarding honest online reviews i posted detailing the experience with the contractor; the contractor did not follow through with the threat to sue.

Paul is a very personable professional who gives his best effort to help resolve problems and is a pleasure to work with.

- John (4 star review)


Great follow up

Paul does a great job of follow up which I have found to be if not lacking at least tardy with many other attorneys. We feel to be a priority for him.

- James (4 star review)


Concise, lucid and fast response with no confusing legalese.

My only experience with Paul so far has been the initial answer to my question. However, based upon the clear, concise information that he provided I am absolutely positive that I will use his services if I decide that I want to continue this matter. Paul’s written response pointed me to the section of the contract that I needed to examine. Paul also followed up with a phone call. He was courteous, knowledgeable and a completely enjoyable person to talk to. Using the information he provided, I was able to finally determine that I am up the creek without the proverbial paddle.

- Wayne (5 star review)


Great service and attention to detail!

Paul is an awesome business attorney. Even in the confusing world of California ABC law, he’s helped up understand the best ways to reach our goals while navigating the convoluted rules and regulations. And his attention to detail has saved us more than once when dealing with everything from our business contracts to our insurance coverage.

- Nick (5 star review)