Commercial Litigation

I have been representing clients in commercial disputes since I started my very first law firm after passing the bar in 1995.  That case involved misrepresentations by a securities broker about the risk of investments.  Since then, I have represented banks, car dealers, entrepreneurs, and businesses in all manner of commercial disputes.  These matters frequently get resolved through negotiation, but sometimes they require litigation either in court or arbitration.  I have handled matters arising locally, as well as nationally and internationally, from Asia to Europe to South America.  These cases have involved high dollar collections, refusal to return internet domain names following termination of international distributorships, breach of contract, international partnership disputes and employment terminations to avoid paying bonuses and delivering stock options.

I also work with my commercial clients to proactively avoid litigation.  I painstakingly read, reread, write and rewrite contracts to make sure every word is the correct one.  During this process I frequently ask myself what I would say to a judge or an arbitrator if I had to litigate this sentence or section of the agreement.  I also ask if the work I am doing is going to help get the deal done for my client.  While the contract is ultimately about the divorce – if everything goes well even my most brilliantly written document is relegated to a file cabinet forever – at the outset we are trying to put the marriage on solid footing to avoid that divorce.